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“Next to of Course God America I” by Е.Е. Сummings

Watch/read “Next to of Course God America I” by Е.Е. Сummings.
Navigate to the threaded discussion below. Copy and paste the following questions and your answers to each of them into your initial post:
Whom do you think the speaker represents in this poem? Explain your answer.
What does the line, “by jingo by gee by gosh by gum” make you think about the speaker?
Identify a historical event the speaker alludes to in the poem. Explain your answer using at least one direct quote from the text.
Identify the poet’s attitude toward the historical event you identified in the previous question. Explain your answer.
Identify one aspect of American culture that is being criticized through satire in this poem. Support your answer by directly quoting the text and explaining the quote.
Identify at least two literary devices used in the poem and explain the purpose for each of them.
Cummings invents the merged word “deafanddumb,” which he labels as a language. Whom or what do you think cummings is labeling as deaf and dumb, and why?
Explain the poet’s use of fragmentation in this poem and suggest a possible reason for his using this technique.
What is your personal reaction to this poem? Give examples of 2-3 words or phrases that cause you to have this reaction.
Write a thesis statement for this poem that identifies at least two literary devices and a specific, universal theme.

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