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How Language of Animals Different and Similar With Human Language

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If you have a pet like dog, you will think it knows us. They know our expressions and they always can give us a comfort when we are in terrible situation. I think a lot of people often think about do animals know humans’ language? I want to discuss about Do animals have ability to learn language and what is the difference between human language and animal language. Animal might not be able to speak a real language, but they can use certain way to communicate with each other. Language communication can be divided into two forms, which is verbal and nonverbal. Most of animals use body languages to communicate.

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The communication system of bee is complex as it use gestural. Bees communicate with others by dancing. Bees dance when they have found food source. For example, a particular bee called forager bee has to locate the food source for the hive. When a forager bee finds food and returns to the hive, it does a special dance on the wall of the hive in order to inform the other bees of the location of the food so that they can go and get it. Depending on the orientation of the dance on the wall of hive, the bees know which direction from the sun to fly and how far to fly. The primary function of this dance is to recruit other forager bees to gather the food. The communication system of bird is using both vocalizations and visualizations. Vocalization is a mainly communication method among birds. Therefore, we focus on vocalizations which are divided into two parts which are calls and songs. Bird calls are made up of single notes or short sequences of notes

Calls are used to signal a lot of activities For example, birds employ calls during flight to keep the flock together and to signal takeoff and landing. They also utilize them when they need to sound an alarm or to protect their territory. Birds use different types of calls depending on what threat they perceive. If there is a danger, the call and the reaction of the birds that hear the call will be different from usual. When they hear this call, birds either stop moving or get under cover so they are harder to catch.

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Thus, human can acquire language because of our brain, as long as human gets exposed to language before the age of 5 they can acquire it. Animals may have some similarities with human, they can communicate but they do not have a specific part in their brain to function language. As we saw above it took many years to find out how brain works and I believe after some years new researchers and discoveries will come in the light

Language need humans more than humans need languages”.

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