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Business and Marketing Plan Project

Project: Create a Business Plan & Marketing Plan -

a. Name your fictitious business.

b. Define your firm’s purpose - a clear, concise statement that explains what your company does (what consumer need you intend to fill)

c. Define your firm’s objective: how the firm will accomplish the purpose. This has to do with the efficient, effective and profitable satisfaction of your customer’s needs.

i. Consider:
1. What is your business?
2. Who are your customers?
3. What is “value” to your customers?
4. What will your business be?
5. What should your business be?

2. Create a Marketing Plan with the following components:
a. The Market Situation
b. The Product Situation
c. The Competitive Situation
d. The Distribution Situation
e. The Macroeconomic Situation

f. Opportunities and Threats Analysis
g. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
h. Issues Analysis
i. Financial and Marketing Objectives

j. Identification of Target Markets
k. Product Positioning
l. Size of the Product Line
m. The Number and Type of Distribution Outlets
n. The Size and Type of Sales Force
o. The Level and Quality of Service
p. Advertising
q. Sales Promotion
r. Research & Development
s. Market Research

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