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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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In the novel “The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime,” written by Mark Haddon the character Christopher, a 15-year-old boy who investigates the murder of the Wellington the dog. As appeared toward the begin of the novel Christopher sees the world much uniquely in contrast to us, that is without a doubt. One of the themes is introduced to us which is “Appearance vs Reality.” He sees substantially more of what's happening around him – he's an incredible observer, after all, yet he can't exactly appear to interpret all those detailed observations or perceptions. This person is so wrapped by his own vision that he's entirely unengaged in the things he's missing out on. As it happens, Christopher understands that his "existence or reality" has really been based on lies. A great part of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime is what happens when Christopher is subjected to all the insane things from which he's been protected – such is, life as a large portion of us. Insane, without a doubt.

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One of the interesting novels that I am going to write about is called: “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”. Which is the next novel I am going to describe it for my second assessment for the module, Contemporary Novel in English. In my essay regarding the novel I have mentioned I will demonstrate a brief introduction which generally shows or gives an idea or image to the reader of what the story about. For instance, the writer of the novel, Mark Haddon has created many interesting parts of the story which grabs the readers’ attention. Furthermore, the title of the story clearly represents the contents as it narrates about a dog which was killed by Christopher who is the main character in this novel makes an investigation in order to find out the mystery of who has killed Wellington, Mrs. Shears’ dog Christopher is a fifteen year-old boy, lives in Swindon that is located in Southern UK which is three hours far from London. He lives with his father and his works as electrics maintenance. Christopher has the Asperger’s Syndrome which makes him behave in certain behaviour. For example, he does not find it comfortable when someone touches him, hates crowdness noise, does not talk to strangers because he believes that it is dangerous, hates the colours yellow and brown, and quite intelligent in math. Hates lying and is so friendly to dogs or pets in general, he hates smokers because of their smell, he likes spending his time on solving mathematical equations, feeding his pet rat, Tobby and playing Minesweeper on his computer. In Specific, he has strange habits, which you do not find others may obtain

One interesting characteristics is that he loves doing investigations in order to solve a certain mystery and this is what most of the story is based on. Regarding the author who has all the contribution to this story, used to a simple language to the reader in order to easy comprehension, he uses different types of ways in putting his language represented to the reader, which makes it simple and straight forward, through he restructures certain points or repeats many of them (give quotation) that may serve as a way to reformulate the idea to the reader or to remind about certain facts and details. The writer also applies a language that contain swear words (e.g.) which may influence the readers’ point of view regarding the novel, but the author’s intention is to picture to his readers the detailed facts and events that happened. For example, he represented several letters, which Christopher’s mother wrote to her son. This may be the author’s own property, but surely readers would be more interested and curious to know about some of the contents of the letters. It helped keeping the reader hesitate whether Christopher’s father claimed and this what grabs the readers interest to read more regarding the facts and know more about what actually happened. I will also represent several points as an introduction about the author.In addition, in quick details I would like to illustrate the events of the story “The Curious Incident if the dog in the Night-time” as it will be useful to be familiar regarding the facts and important events that are interesting to know about and help answer my question which I chose to determine in my second assessment for Contemporary Novels in English module, but I would represent the main characters of this novel before I make a summary of the story. By the way, being familiar with the characters is a one good step to understand the complete idea and sense of the story. In particular, as I mentioned recently in this essay that Christopher Swindon is the main character of this novel. And the protagonist character which most of the novel is based on. Christopher’s father called Ed. Boone who always takes care of his son and quite alert to Christopher’s needs, though he lies, but promised his son that he would lie and asked him to keep trust in him. He’s a boiler engineer very patient and understands his son’s situation, but later become annoyed and uncomfortable with his son’s behaviour, such as the investigation he has been doing to reveal the mystery of Wellington’s murder.

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It separates the reader from the normal to the abnormal and unexpected. Everything that Christopher says has a lot of sense considering his condition. This reader’s effect receives an opposition from the people who surround Christopher who tend to ignore whatever he says (Haddon 110). This thus leads to drawing the reader to develop a curiosity that is maintained throughout the narrative. He uses Asperger’s syndrome to support the point of using disability. This syndrome is basically a disorder representing disability. Haddon shows Christopher as one who has lost basic and important felling. He can only laugh and cry. This as a result interferes with the smooth relationship they had with his dad. In addition he remains without a friend through the narrative. This therefore makes one feel emotional detachment of Christopher and tends to support his side, which always seems to lose throughout the narrative. On the other hand, Christopher’s condition touches on family relationships, which create an automatic attachment with the reader. Haddon therefore manages to carry the reader into the world of the novel and holds the reader to the end of the novel. The title of the book (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- time) is enough to make the reader develop some curiosity. One would basically be carried by the fact it is a curious incident of a dog in the night time. Haddon does not use day time. The use of night time completely makes one have multiple guesses of what the incident would be. In addition the use of dog and not a cow makes the reader have in mind million of incidents that a dog can be involved in at night. This lays a foundation from which many questions will be answered by reading the novel, thus capturing the reader’s curiosity into the world of the novel. According to the pace of flow of events set at the beginning of the book, one would expect the murder mystery to be solved in the final pages

Haddon surprises the reader when such mystery is solved at an unexpected point. This gives time for the narrative to pick a higher pitch with raise in emotions and expands the restrictions of Christopher’s difficulty. It is after the disclosure of mystery when more unexpected characters appear, offering more opposition to Christopher (Haddon 50). The reader hopes things get better for Christopher; they at this point get worse increasing the reader’s attention to the narrative.

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In conclusion, overall it is quite clear that the father holds a key position in the establishment of plot in this novel through his lies surrounding Christopher and developing a relationship with Mrs. Shears while the key motivation comes from the father’s love for Christopher. While the entire story is told from Christopher’s view, his father is the source of everything within the novel. A man that has done both great and terrible deeds, a figure of both trust and hate within Christopher

The father tried everything he could to hold his family together, and when it fails, the world comes crashing down around him and his son. Fatherly love in this story is definitely not obvious on the surface, but when attempting to fathom the complex plot of this story, the role that the father and his love plays becomes very important. This is a novel, told by a son surrounded in a world of mystery, and a father who decides what passes and what doesn’t.

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Haddon, Mark. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. London: Jonathan Cape, 2003. Print.

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