Instructions How to Write

Initial Conversation With Host Teacher

1. Engage in a conversation with the teacher around the following topics.
a. Worldview on teaching middle grades English Language Arts
b. The varying learning abilities and needs of students
c. School community
d. English Language Arts instructional resources, literary texts, and reading programs
e. Assessing student learning
f. Communication with parents
g. Integrative or interdisciplinary planning
h. Culturally responsive and relevant teaching
i. Professional learning
2. After the observation, reflect on the following questions and write a two-page reflection of your conversation with the teacher.
a. How does this conversation inform your worldview on middle grades English Language Arts?
b. Based on this conversation, what issue most resonated with you?
c. As a result of what you learned during your conversation, what learning goals will you set for
yourself during your field experience observations? Explain why you created those learning

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