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Future Theory of Health

Assignment Overview:
You will apply the concepts from this section to a future theory of health. You will reflect on the historical presentation of how health has been conceptualized over the last 2000 years and will develop a future fiction of how health might be conceived of 2000 years from now.

This section examines the link society, culture, and health and demonstrates that medicine is an ever changing and evolving concept and field. This is a creative assignment where you must imagine 2000 years in the future. In your creative narrative, reference the materials from this section to explore how theories of function of the body and health have been developed and might develop in the future. In the materials for this section I have provided writings that illustrate a single viewpoint historical perspective, an archeological perspective, and a comparative perspective of different theories of health. Will your narrative be an archeological finding? Will your narrative be a single viewpoint historical overview? Will your narrative compare then and now? Your future theory of health must draw from the theories presented in this section, either built on those theories or contrasted to those theories. You will write a narrative that draws from your readings in this section. Your narrative must have a distinct viewpoint and purpose. Imagine that you are writing as a medical professional, or philosopher, or politician, etc. Who are you in this future and what historical documents do you draw on to give weight and legitimize your ideas and theories of health?

Your narrative should be 1 - 3 pages in length and formatted in APA style (page length does not include title or reference pages). Follow the guidelines for paraphrasing, quoting, and citation from the powerpoint in the Introduction.

Assignment Requirements:
Essay has a clear voice and point of view; the cultural, social, political and professional connection between the writer and the subject is clear.
Essay includes references to readings in this section; connecting historical concepts to an imagined future view of health.
Essay explores fundamental principles of health and healing as integrated with societal and cultural changes; imagined future addresses health in a social and cultural context.

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