Instructions How to Write

Research Paper Instructions

a. Includes a summary of basic background information on the topic using empirically-based research
b. Clearly states research problem
c. Describe the importance & purpose of the research study
d. Explain importance to the field of social work (practice, education, policy or research)
e. States and describes your research question(s) and hypothesis(es), clearly identifying variables (independent and dependent)

Literature Review (attached)
a. Includes a critical, in-depth summary & critique of existing research topic
b. Clearly identifies & defines your theoretical framework
c. Clearly uses research for 3 support paragraphs

Proposed Methodology
a. Clear describes the steps of how you would collect the data and why. The method section must be written with enough detail to permit replication.
b. Describes the research sample/participants, how they will be selected, & how many.
c. Describe instrumentation if using surveys or test. (i.e. number of items, categories)
d. Describe how you will analyze the results.
e. Discuss how you would measure/ensure validity and reliability

Significance of Study/Implications
a. Discuss why this research proposal/topic is importance
b. Discuss the implications to the social work profession
c. Identify any potential limitations of the proposal?

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