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Food in Latin America

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Latin America (Latinoamérica) consists of those countries in the Americas that Spain and Portugal conquered and colonized

Often, when people say Latin America, they really mean Hispanoamérica – the places that only Spain colonized. Each Latin American country has its own separate culture – and as a result, its own unique cuisine. Indeed, each region within each country has its own distinct culinary specialties – just as the countries of Europe do (and really, just about everywhere). So “Latin American cuisine” really is a collection of different cuisines, rather than its own entity.

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Hispanic American: "Heritage" is defined as the customs and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation of families and society. A person with Latino heritage is a descendant of a family from Mexico, Central America, or South America. Peeps who are Hispanic are from a country where Spanish is spoken. Let's check out some of their traditions. Hispanic Food Hispanic foods have many different characteristics, but one of the main things that make it distinctive is that it tends to be spicy! Here are some traditional Hispanic dishes: * Moles: Pronounced Mo-lay, the name of this dish comes from the Aztec word for "mixture." Some of the most popular Hispanic dishes that are prepared during Cinco de Mayo are carnitas, barbocoa, moles and menudo. Identification Traditional Hispanic food can be identified by the appearance of the tortillas and the thick, rich enchilada sauces that can be green, brown or red and resemble a thick gravy. Rice and refried beans typically are served inside of the tortillas or on the side, and this dish can be referred to as an enchilada or as a chimichanga if it is deep fried on the outside. Melted cheese over the top of the dish is also a good indication of Hispanic food. Function The function of Hispanic food is to fulfill the traditional ways of growing, eating and serving Hispanic food. Hispanic food is high in carbohydrates, making it a filling meal because of the beans and cheese that are served along with it. The combination of the beans and cheese with the spicy seasonings and salsa give the food added flavor and traditional Hispanic flair. Hispanic food can be made into meals for large groups of people and large families quickly, cheaply and easily

Most Hispanic food keeps for a long time and does not spoil if stored in a cool, dry location. Cuban Cuisine Cuban cuisine has been influenced by Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese cultures.

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Such countries as Brazil and Ecuador have a lot to offer the outside world. This paper looks at the impacts of trade on the environment and the culture of Salvador. In order to understand this aspect of tourism, both local and foreign tourism are brought into focus. This case study will consider culture as the main tourist attraction in Bahia. Tourism has greatly impacted the region in several ways. For instance, Bahia was visited by over two million tourists in the year 1993. Statistics shows that this number is expected to rise to four million visitors, leaving Bahia to be the second largest tourist attraction spot after Rio de Janeiro

Research shows that “the government invested more than twenty million dollars in the sector for the year 1993 and 1994” (Stonich, 2001). During this time, Brazil was in the forty seventh rank of attraction centers internationally. This gives Salvador hope for improved tourist activity in time to come.According to Stonich (2001), many Latin American countries have also experienced a similar growth in their tourism industry. Apart from Bahia, tourism is seen as the means of rehabilitating the prime ancient districts. These ancient centers have been found to appeal greatly to the foreign tourists. The architectural designs of the region are the most notable of the all the other attractions. In other nations like Salvador, rehabilitation has brought about the issue of depopulation of the areas (Lumsdon and Swift, 2001). These areas were inhabited by the poor in the urban centers who finally ended up in the slum areas. In most cases, tourism is reckoned to be the means of improving the poor regions from the economic perspective. For many Third World nations, “an admired architectural heritage and culture are considered as an economic treasure and asset” (Gui, 2001). Tourism has had a large impact on the economy of many countries (Stonich, 2001). The impact of tourism on the economy of many Latin American nations is major. Tourism is the main foreign exchange earner that plays a fundamental role in the development of these nations.

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All things considered, herbs just like guarana, yerba mate, and hibiscus had been widely used, although more pertaining to healing than as flavouring. The natives of Peru have got long used the imperfeccion root as being a naturally occurring Viagra type supplement. Inca warriors would eat it prior to going into fight, but it was forbidden once they had overcome a city in order to protect its female residents. In more modern times the food with the area has become much affected by those of other individuals Us citizens to the north, the Costa da prata in Brazil of course as well as the Spanish, through the remainder with the area. Modern food is a blend of indigenous foods including beans with those by elsewhere in the world such as aubergines, now expanded widely in Central America

Travel is easier in modern times. One can possibly easily eat a meal in a foreign nation and then get the ingredients once home to reproduce that in one's own kitchen.

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