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Reaching a Decision to Follow Christ

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If there is one great principle of Christian living, it is walking in Christ's footsteps (I John 2:6). Sounds easy, but putting it into practice is one of the most difficult tasks of a Christian's life

If we succeed, however, we will be one of those to whom He says in the resurrection, "Well done, good and faithful servant." We will have not only lived as He did, we will have put on His character image, the great goal of the Christian life.

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When a rabbi asked someone to follow him, it was an incredible honor

This invitation was an offer of unlimited access to the rabbi—a chance to become a perpetual student. It not only gave them complete access to ask the teacher probing questions, but they also lived alongside the rabbi, experiencing firsthand how the Scriptures should be lived out. Becoming a disciple required an unwavering commitment to submit to the rabbi’s authority, but it also meant that everyday was full of opportunities to learn new things about God. Disciples went where their rabbi went. They slept where their rabbis slept. They ate what their rabbi ate. And largely, they shared their rabbi’s passions and beliefs.

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Hasker (1992) states that faith-learning integration ―is concerned with integral relationships between faith and knowledge, the relationships which inherently exist between the content of the faith and the subjectmatter of this or that discipline‖ (p. 46). Holmes (1987) adds that "[i]ntegration is concerned . . . with the positive contributions of human learning to an understanding of the faith and to the development of a Christian worldview, and with the positive contribution of the Christian faith to all the arts and sciences" (p

46). Hasker (1992) further reminds us that our world "is not a secular and a sacred world, but a single world created by God and a single, unitary truth which is known to God" (p. 238). Integrating faith and the business discipline should help students understand this unity. If we teach the discipline as if it has no relationship to the faith and to God's truth.

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In the long run, life is a gift and each second spent on the Earth is blessing

I believe that Jesus can be our salvation when we are lost. He can rescue us, but we should find Him in our heart and unlock the door in which our fear is hidden. Life is beautiful and unique, but it comes with no guarantees and second chances. That’s why we should escape from that circle of frivolity and obscurity that keeps hunting us and do our best to change the world in a better way.

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