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The David Reimer Story & Middle Sexes

The David Reimer Story" AND "Middle Sexes"

Why do you think David “knew” he was a boy despite what others were telling him (his external genitalia was female due to surgical procedures implemented by Dr. Money)?
Do you think gender identity is biological or psychological? Is Gender Identity a result of Nature or Nurture? Justify your answer.
Discuss the case of "Noah" from the video "Middle Sexes" Or Jacob from the video "Jacob's Journey". What would you do if you were Noah or Jacob's parents? Would you allow him or her to express them self as the gender she/he desires or would you take a difference course of action if you were his parent? What would you do? Be specific. How would your family and friends react to your decisions. Would they be supportive or would you be criticized?
David Reimer was born a boy, knew he was male, felt "male" although he had no penis. A common reaction to David is that of support: "of course he knew he was a male despite that his anatomy revealed female genitalia. He was male, he felt male and knew his gender identity." However, the support is not as unconditional with individuals like "Noah." Noah will grow up and may face incessant verbal abuse, discrimination and possibly be the target of hate crimes because his gender expression is different from his biological sex.
What's the difference between these two individuals? If any? Why is David met with empathy and compassion and adults like Noah and Jacob are often ostracized and targeted with hate? Do you think Male to female transgender individuals (like Caitlyn Jenner) are treated differently than Female to Male transgender individuals (like Chaz Bono)?
If we believe that a person knows his or her gender despite the reproductive anatomy, why does society treat these two individuals so drastically different?

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