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Macroeconomics & Film Analysis

Write a well structured and researched essay, describing film treatment of Critical Economic Issues in macroeconomic policy for financials services Industry and why they created or accelerated the 2008 collapse.
. How did the movie(s) depict the actions, (neutral, evil, helpless, corrupt, etc? Did they get it right?
For example, some issues in some movies might be:
The ethical dilemmas of different characters, or,
the treatment of women in the financial Services industry,
corporate behavior, regulation, institutional bottlenecks, banks,international agencies, shadow banks, borrowers, rating agencies or others., misplaced incentives,.
Too Big to Fail thinking, Risk analysis, punishment, or greed, reward.
Consider the roles of players in the financial system:

Describe what you learned about the financial services industry,The FED, The Congress, The Bush Administration and how they enabled the Financial Crisis of 2008 explode. and what that means for expectation that these financial agents will mitigate the economic crisis from pandemic lock down?

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