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How the Vision Statement and Mission Statement of Amazon Company Influence Its Overall Success

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The mission statement of has always centered around its primary focus—the online customer. Since it began in 1994, has had a clear focus and a solitary mission. Founder Jeff Bezos has publicly referred to the mission statement as the guiding force behind his leadership decisions many times in the company's history.

Free ideas for Inc.’s mission and vision statements contribute to the company’s status as one of the largest online retailers in the world. This success is attributed to stringent measures to ensure that the vision and mission statements are fulfilled. In theory, the corporate vision statement provides organizational direction toward a desired future condition of the business. On the other hand, the corporate mission statement presents business goals and guides strategic management in the company. Based on this business analysis case, Amazon’s mission statement focuses on effective and high-quality service. For example, the company emphasizes target customers’ convenience in accessing the best selection of products in the e-commerce market. The scope of the selection of products available from the company is a business strength identified in the SWOT analysis of Inc. In relation, the company’s vision statement shows a target future of global dominance in the online retail industry. The fulfillment of these official statements facilitates further enhancement of the e-commerce business for long-term success in the global market.’s corporate mission and vision statements are fundamental in developing strategies to support the company’s competitive advantages against firms like Google, eBay, Apple, Walmart, and Costco Wholesale. These competitors create the strong force of competitive rivalry evaluated in the Porter’s Five Forces analysis of Inc. The company’s corporate vision and mission statements also influence the operations of its subsidiaries, such as Whole Foods Market. Considering the variety of its products, which include online retail services, digital content distribution, cloud computing services, and computer software and hardware, Inc. aligns its vision statement with its mission statement to unify its diverse operations in various industries. The “lowest prices” component of the mission statement guides the pricing strategies included in Inc.’s marketing mix or 4P. Low prices are a selling point that makes the company’s e-commerce website and services attractive. A corresponding strategic objective is to reduce operational costs to enable the business to minimize prices. Amazon’s corporate mission statement also points to having the best selection. For example, the wide array of products on the company’s website is a factor that attracts customers. Moreover, Inc.’s corporate mission emphasizes convenience, such as in accessing the company’s products via the Internet

This characteristic is a response to consumers’ use of “convenience” as a criterion when evaluating the quality and attractiveness of online retail services.

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Online retailing is a business where only the best firms thrive for decades due to the ever-changing landscape, and Amazon has proven that it belongs in this class – a resilient and persevering business with a constant growth against all other odds (Rutherford, M. A., Parks, L., Cavazos, D. E., & White, C. D. (2012). Since 1994, Amazon has been at the helm of its operations attracting a massive client base across the globe, due to the strategic set up of its mission and vision statements. Amazon business approach is also a definite, with the management keen on ensuring everyone remains within the provisions of the mission and vision statements of this company. Ideally, the vision statement of a firm shapes the direction the company wants to follow and be in over a specified duration

Amazon vision statement focusses on dominating at the global level while giving its customers worthwhile shopping experience. The mission statement theoretically gives the steps that the company considers feasible and applicable to achieve this vision. In this case of Amazon, the mission statement is all about the attractiveness of the overall service that the company has in store for its clientele. Particularly, Amazon points at the affordability and other customer-friendly elements that distinguishes the company (Salem Khalifa, A. (2012). The success of the model adopted by this establishment highly depends on the mission and vision, together with the core values, which are fundamental to the running of the operations of this company. Based on the wide range of products that Amazon deals with, these values come in handy to ensure the firm does not compromise or deviate from the expectations of its mission and vision statements.

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After all, Amazon vision statement is an extension of its mission as “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” It is worth exploring how Amazon deals with being a customer-obsessed company. Indeed, most businessmen know that exceeding each time customer’s expectations isn’t’ a simple game. And as expectations are met and exceeded customers become more and more accustomed to the quality of the service, until they grow unsatisfied.

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