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Research Studies in Criminal Justice, Qualitative and Quantitative

• Select two research studies that utilize each methodology type: Quantitative and Qualitative
Data-Collection Patterns
Now that you have conducted your preliminary research and chosen the research studies you will use to help craft your research question, you will need to evaluate each of your research studies to determine patterns in data-collection types. As you consider the types of data included in each of your studies, answer the following:
• What data-collection patterns do you notice?
• Are there some data-collection types that seem to be used more in your area of study in the social sciences?
• What about the other social sciences?
• Why do you think that is?
• How can using certain data-collection types more than others create a threat to credibility?
Purpose of Varied Data Collection
As you consider data-collection types, answer each of the following:
• What are the benefits of multiple data-collection types?
• What are the drawbacks of multiple data-collection types?
• What is the link between varied data collection and credibility risks?
• What are some common types of data collection used in each of the social sciences?
• Why do you think certain social sciences seem to favor particular types of data collection over others?
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
i. Select data-collection types in selected research studies
ii. Explore patterns in data collection to identify and analyze their impact on potential threats to credibility
iii. Examine common data-collection types in social sciences

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