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Project Report on Head and Shoulders Shampoo Marketing

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Matt Elliott received Procter & Gamble experts to get started on making a new anti-dandruff shampoo in 1950. Nearly a decade of research proceeded to go into making a new formula, which launched pyrithione zinc in to the shampoo. It was first introduced to the U. S. market in November 1961 as a blue-green shampoo solution.

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Matt Elliott got Procter & Gamble researchers to start making a new anti-dandruff shampoo in 1950. Nearly a decade of research went into making a new formula, which introduced pyrithione zinc into the shampoo. It was first introduced to the U.S. market in November 1961 as a blue-green shampoo formula. Head & Shoulders is the world’s number one anti-dandruff shampoo. A power brand from P&G, this brand made it debuted in India in year of 1997. In the highly competitive shampoo market, which is estimated to be worth around Rs.1800 Cr, H&S is a major player in the anti-dandruff niche. The entire shampoo market was dominated by HUL with whopping market share of around 46% when the brand was launched in India, the anti-dandruff market was in its nascent stage and dominated by Clinic-All-Clear

The high profile launch of H&S fueled the growth of this specialty market. Now anti-dandruff segment constitute around 15% of the shampoo market moreover P&G is the global market leader in the retail hair care market with over 20% of the global market share behind Pantene and Head & Shoulders. According to P&G’s annual report of 2011, the Beauty and grooming market share which primarily deals with the beauty segment constitute of ‘% of net sale of 24% and percentage of net earning account to 23%’ for P&G. The prominent brand is Head and Shoulders in this segment. The value delivery chains relates it-self to supply chain i.e. how it partners with suppliers and distributions from formulating raw material and distribution of its produced. H&S being a P&G’s daughter company, takes a good leverage of good distribution channel and supply chain. Prominently H&S sold in India is mostly shipped from Gulf countries. With the introduction of sachets of denomination Rs.1 and Rs.3, H&S reached the rural market easily. With more and more free sample distribution and blind-test, the company is quite successful in value delivery chain.

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Before Head & Shoulers was launched to the market, the product R&D department did the research for nearly a decade in order to make a professional dandruff shampoo. Head & Shoulders has a unique feature that is it is rich in Pyrithione Zinc (PTZ), the only active ingredient, which is highly effective at fighting and also preventing dandruff symptoms because of its anti-fungal properties (Our formula, 2011). Head & Shoulders used to be a medicated shampoo image to consumers, which discorange the development of the product

After doing some maketing research, the company transfered the image of Head & Shoulders by sponsoringg some TV programs and changing the packaging of the products and finally transfered Head & Shoulders to be a more vibrant brand.Recently, P&G finally took the plunge and decided to clean up its act and wash its supply chain clean of bad palm oil, which means P&G joined a group of other palm oil traders and consumers in committing to no deforestation (Areeba, 2014). Also, Head & Shoulders said it will know the provenance of the palm oil and work with its suppliers and farmers to improve sustainablity, and promised that there will be no deforestation in its palm oil supply chain by 2020 (Paul, 2014). According to Head & Shoulders’ current situation, I think it is necessary for Head & Shoulders to do a marketing plan to change its current public image in consumers’ mind, otherwise, it will lose more market share.

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Overall, H&S anti dermititis shampoo would have been a good item to this targeted group. Not simply the product has many benefits towards the user, regarded as expensive between its competition and arguements dandruff or perhaps itchiness properly, H&S anti dandruff shampoo or conditioner gives users a healthy locks, which is ideal for those with effective social existence. Besides, the very fact that H&S is the Number 1 anti dandruff brand in the world makes it attractive to the targeted group which is company conscious. With regards to occupation and education level in an metropolitan area, those that will be targeted are most likely pros, managers, representatives, high school teachers, businessmen and in addition college students. In short, the young adults are going to be the main target of H&S.

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