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The Evolution of Smart Phone Technology

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Smartphones are everywhere, no matter the location; from Tibet to New York, all the way to rural Nebraska

Smartphones have become common ownership among the masses as they have become more readily available. They allow us to be productive on the go, communicate with our loved ones and acquaintances, and share memories as we create them. However, there are many implications brought about by the inception of the portable computers we know as smartphones. Many judicial laws have not been updated with changing technology that allows for unforeseen circumstances to be brought against.

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Mobile phones are amazing device which brings most of the works in a single hand. In the world one quarter of the earth’s population using a mobile phone. Therefore another mobile phones are Smartphone’s which are great phones and it’s a phenomenal .Smartphone’s are rich mobile personal gateways into the digital universe and its growing and expanding all over the digital world. In the digital worlds its combines content, commerce, computing, and community. It keep the home of,,,,,,,, and much, much more can brings all the website tools in a single device. Easily we can access the universe through mobile web browser – as provided on Smartphone’s interfaces that make the experience more intuitive, more engaging, and more valuable. And just as the digital universe is steering the evolution of Smartphone’s, the increasing prevalence of Smartphone’s will steer the next phase of the evolution of the digital universe. Smartphone’s are famous for their versatility – in a single day a Smartphone’s may be a contactless wallet, a barcode reader, a satellite navigation system, an email or social network client, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and be used to make a phone call. Given the growing importance of Smartphone’s, we believe it is important to assess the privacy and security risks of these devices. But only a few years ago, mobile phones were expensive device. Now people can buy easily and no longer dream able device anymore .Mobile phones are the most successful device of consumer electronics in history. Smartphone’s are now an essential tool in all sections of European society, from top government officials to businesses and consumers. In the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy alone, the number of Smartphone’s users are increasing day by day (around 62 million users). Lots of e-business companies their monetary value flowing through Smartphone’s, For example – eBay expects 1.3 to 1.5 billion Euros in transactions through the i-Phone app in 2010. In this report we give an overview of the key information and opportunities for Smartphone’s users. We stress that the risks should be balanced against the potential benefits of Smartphone’s 1. A description of the many potential benefits in terms of, for example, cost-savings, increased efficiency and a better quality of life is outside the scope of this report. To give just one example however, Smartphone’s are being used as smart-health sensors, allowing heart patients to stay at home safely, while having their heart issues controlled and monitored by medical staff. In this way Smartphone’s increase a patient’s quality of life and, at the same time, save healthcare costs.San Mateo, CA, April 13, 2010 – Ring Central, which is a cloud computing based business phone system provider, their new survey find out that customers on the changing nature of business communications

The survey included Ring Central’s small to medium-sized business customers around the U.S. reveals that the Smartphone has going to an integral part of their daily life and a dramatic impact on personal life. Survey results provide that intimate relations and Smartphone’s tied as the number one thing survey respondents cannot live without. Another proof is that an increasingly mobile workforce would rather give up their morning cup of coffee than their Smartphone’s.

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Quite often cell phones have been termed as the greatest human invention ever. Moreover, cell phones have evolved and come a long way in almost four decades. Cell phones have changed a great deal from what they were 20 years ago from what they are now and resultantly their uses and utility has expanded and increased manifolds. The first public cell phone was developed by Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973 (Borgobello 2013). The phone was an astounding success since it kicked off the mobile phone revolution, which has resulted in the modern day smartphones and cell phones. Though the invention of modern day cell phones dates back to 1973, it was only in 1983 that cell phones became public. Motorola’s DynaTAC 8000X was the first commercial portable cellular telephone at a price of whopping $ 3,995 (netprolive 2013). When compared with the sophisticated and cheap mobile phones available in the markets today, the first cell phone might sound too primitive but that is how it all started. Cell phones now and 20 years ago were starkly different in almost all the aspects, right from their uses, price tags, sizes and battery life. Apart from the basic features of calling and messaging, modern day cell phones offer a bouquet of other benefits and uses. Today’s mobile phones can be used as high quality digital cameras, audio and video recorders, and as gaming platforms too. This was all but a distant dream 20 years back when cell phones lacked all these features, which are cherished and enjoyed by the people today. Today cell phones can be used for multimedia messaging and as audio players. One can stay connected to Internet right through these smart phones and hence can access emails and other web based applications right on the move. They can even be used as mobile televisions, wallets (to facilitate e-commerce) and bar-code readers. 20 years ago, the vision of a cell phone was a device that could be used to make voice calls to other cell phones and hence they lacked all the countless features, which are often taken for granted these days. Cell phones in those days were inapt and inefficient of supporting these features, both from software and hardware point of view. The drastic differences between the two generations of cell phones are not only limited to the features aspect but stretches to the hardware and looks too. With constant up gradation and advancement in technology the size and weight of cell phones have plummeted over the years with most of them weighing just a few grams

E.g. the Apple’s latest flagship device iPhone 5 weighs a lowly 112 grams and is less than eight millimeter thick. That’s a huge technological leap when compared to first public cell phone which weighed almost 800 grams and was as ten inches high with an attached rubber antenna which hindered its mobility. Though the cell phones 20 years back were not as bulky and thick as the first ever cell phone, still their sizes were huge when compared to the smart phones on offer today. Most of the Modern handsets offer large talktimes and stand-by times per charge quite unlike their contemporaries. It is quite evident from the fact that the first ever cell phone could be used for less than 30 minutes after charging it for almost 10 continuous hours. Charging the cell phones was a cumbersome process back then, since it involved wired bulky chargers. Contrast this to the modern times and we have light weighted small chargers, which are extremely easy to use. Recent breakthroughs have even enabled wireless charging of cell phones thus making charges obsolete and unnecessary.

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In any event, today life is so busy and everyone is trying to complete his own needs

No-one has such time to look around him and think for a while to what he/she wants. The economies are becoming stable and unstable sometimes. To overcome the needs of consumers of bigger digital devices, smart phones are solving the issues. We can use smart phones for a lot of purposes of routine life and because of this we don't have to carry heavy weight laptops and digital dairies, we can save anything in our smart phone so we can get benefits of this anywhere any time. This advancement of technology shows that smart phones will take over the other digital devices easily. Similarly, with the passage of time everyone is getting more busy in their routine life and no one has such time to visit physical markets for shopping. So this online shopping made life so easier to explore new adventures and find out what we need. E-commerce and web 2.0 has made it easier for the people to use the web with flexibility even if they do not have much experience to use the internet. These enhancements and technological changes are making people's life easier.

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