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Speech on the Lockdown

Introduction: Is the lockdown a rational idea? When we list all the collateral damage. No! As the adage goes… “Greater good, for greater number” When we shut down the country… it is more apparent now, that sheltering in place turned into sacrificing the great number, for saving the few.” Sweden and South Dakota never went into lockdown.

Body: Collateral Damage
Main Point #1: Stanford seroprevalence study shows COVID has 0.2% chance of case fatality. In their words, 2 people our of 1000 cases died from COVID. Of course, some areas where higher density goes up to 3-5/1000, like NY, and Italy’s cases it is 10/1000.
Main Point #1: Economy, Businesses Bankrupt
Sub Point: Big business
Sub Point: Small businesses (mom and pops shop)
Main Point #2: Unemployment
Sub Point: Millions of Americans
Sub Point: Billions Globally
Main Point #3: Millions of Americans are facing foreclosure and eviction.
Main Point #4: Increase suicide rates, domestic violence, drug, and alcohol.
Main Point #5: school closure consequences for children's development and psychology.
Main Point #6: Starvation
Main Point #7: Healthcare collateral damage, HIV patient not getting their antiviral, later stage of cancer where it is harder to treat because they were not screen early on, polio and measles because children are not getting vaccinated.
Main Point #8: South Dakota and Sweden, what can we learn from them
They say...“Grandma killer,” this is fallacious because Pneumoccoal Pneumonia has a 20% case fatality among the elder population every year before COVID; whereas, COVID has a 2% case fatality.

Conclusion: Shutting down roads until we have zero deaths from car accidents is unrealistic. As Dennis Prager stated “it will never be safe” We did not shelter in place and not drive because of the case fatality of a motor vehicle accident? So, why do we change the way we live over 0.2% chance of dying from COVID?

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