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Factors That Help Retain the Qualified Staff

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A critical factor to the success of any company is its ability to attract top talent while retaining those already working within the company. Losing employees can have a significant impact on a company’s morale, productivity and overall profit.

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To be effective in the workforce, managers will have to understand the different cultures of their employees and client populations. Employees will be more diverse, and their cultural differences will show up in daily interactions. Diversity can bring in different perspectives, which can enrich the operations of organizations. The ultimate goal of recruiting is to generate a pool of qualified applicants for new and existing jobs. One of the challenges is creating an applicant pool that is demographically representative of the population at large if the diversity is to be achieved. Recent research about the top five most frequently used search methods has revealed a major surprise about recruiting for diversity

Personal referrals turned out to be the best way to land a job. Word-of-mouth advertising is both effective and inexpensive. In addition, employee referrals lead to greater retention because they have already passed the first test of peer approval.

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According to Gibbs at al. (1994), there are 12 transferable skills identified – Communication, Group work, Personal, Interpersonal, Organizational, Teaching and training, Learning, Information gathering, Problem solving, Language, Information technology and Entrepreneurship skills. Among them, five skills are related with my future career more directly than the other skills including Communication, Organizational, Interpersonal skills, Information Technology and problem-Solving. Working with Business Clinic Project, a team of four were given responsibility of completing a project for our client: Lamesley Childcare. The main purpose of the project is to satisfy the clients need which conduct the research on the external environment, audit the current Human Resource Strategy, and recommend an action plan to improve staff retention

As a result, I need to employ a wide of range of skills in order to complete the project successfully.

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After all, the problem of recruitment and retention of employees can be detrimental to an organization in cost and quality of care

The solutions to the problem are by first selecting the right employees for the job through proper screening. Have the organization create a buddy system or a mentoring system to help new hired employees have support during the first 30-90 days for better retention of the new employees. Form metrics to track employee satisfaction to find the root of the retention problems. Develop ways to create a culture where the employees feel recognized and appreciated .

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