Instructions How to Write

Сase Study “Grumpy Old Man”

Read the case study “Grumpy Old Man”.
Using information you learned from the videos, the lecture notes, and other research if necessary, respond to the following questions by creating a thread on the discussion forum (include the questions in your response)
1. Why did Ernest originally go to the doctor?
2. What did the doctor discover about Ernest?
3. What is a “PTH” test and why is it used?
4. Predict the three body systems that are most affected by abnormal calcium.
5. Ernest’s calcium level is 11.8 mg/dL. Is this value too high or too low? What is this condition called?
6. If Ernest’s PTH secreting gland is not functioning properly, and knowing his calcium levels, predict whether PTH levels are likely to be increased or decreased. Explain in detail. What physiological mechanism is operating here?
7. What is your diagnosis? What would Ernest’s symptoms have been?
8. Predict how the abnormal gland activity could be related to his symptoms.
9. Lastly, what is the most common method of treating Ernest’s conditions?

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