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Situation Analysis for Mini Cooper

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The brands of BMW Group include BMW, MINI Cooper and Rolls Royce. The three brands speak for themselves and are of superlative excellence. All of them have great innovation ability and the customers really feel pleasure in driving. This is also BMW’s business strategy i.e. to maintain outstanding brand image among customers. The great advertising strategy of BMW Group is also a reason for BMW’s great brand image

This brand image of BMW has been built by using over 300 colour advertisements. BMW Group in all advertisements have remained consistent on the substance used in the cars themselves.

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The original Mini started off as a small sized iconic car conceptualized by British Motor Corporation in the year 1969. Since the year 1994 Mini Cooper is a fully owned subsidiary of BMW. The popular models of the Mini Cooper include The Mini Hatch/Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Coupe and Roadster, England, the Countryman, and Paceman. The brand has also been associated with and won many automobile rallies. The car was originally called Mini and the performance version of the model was renamed as Mini Cooper following an association with the ace racer John Cooper. The Mini registered a record sales revenue of 182,593 pounds in the year 2016 the highest ever since 2001. The Mini Cooper has been able to successfully carve a niche for itself in the automobile market and also enjoys high brand loyalty. Here is the SWOT analysis of Mini Cooper

Strengths are defined as what each business does best in its gamut of operations which can give it an upper hand over its competitors. The following are the strengths of Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper was able to carve a market for itself primarily because of the differentiation it could offer especially in terms of look and styling. The shape of the car and the vibrant colours in which it is sold makes the Mini Cooper recognizable from a distance… BMW which has always been associated with luxury, quality, and reliability currently own the Mini Cooper.the strong backing of one of the world’s most trusted automakers has proved to be one of the brands’ core strengths. Mini Cooper is positioned as a fun and economical option for people who wish to experience a luxury car but may not have the means to buy one. This has been able to effectively capture the minds of their target audience which are the youngsters. Just like any other luxury car brand, the Mini Cooper also is associated strongly with an emotional value through its positioning as an affordable luxury car. At a time when small cars were struggling to gain a place in the market, the Mini Cooper rose as a star through its successful product placement in the movie Italian Job. The movie which almost had the Mini as a character helped to build a global brand for the car which was slowly losing its sheen in the market.

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All the marketing operations would be synchronized with each other; otherwise, clients will just observe isolated interactions; however, it is significant to state that films have played a major role in advertising the cars of the corporation; for example, the corporation got vast publicity when Mini Cooper was featured in a film; so, it is a necessary IMC choice (Keegan, J

& Green, M. (2013). It is notable that super brand awareness, excellent technologies, great research and development, unique car designs, customized designing for clients, perfect promotional and advertising tools and mediums, highly talented labor force, proficiently prepared corporate and global strategies, and nice corporate cultures are the key competitive advantages of this firm; the following chart outlines the sustainable competitive advantages of BMW (Cain, T. (2012).

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In the long run, Mini’s success can be recognized by their unique. specific and complete signifiers of advertisement

Online signifiers of advertisement include brassy streamers. oculus chargemans and their out-of-door advertisement includes hoardings. digital hoardings and wallpapers. Furthermore. they use an extended sum of print media. telecasting and film advertisement. The Mini is a merchandise leader in advertisement and is known for running really expensive and attention-getting advertisement runs. The Mini’s competition is with clean compact autos. The Honda Civic and the Volkswagen golf would be the toughest competition. In footings of advertisement. Volkswagen is the toughest rival since they have a assortment of telecasting advertizements and print media and Honda closely follows. The jobs confronting BMW with the Mini are keeping current client involvements and following new mark clients. Since the Mini is a alone vehicle. many clients purchase the vehicle on this premiss. After driving them for approximately 4 old ages. the client gets bored and wants more invention. The high competition of compact autos besides affects how loyal their clients are.

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