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Reflection on Being an Educator

Teaching Philosophy Requirements & Grading Rubric
A. Introduction (1 point)
a. Discuss the reasons you choose to become a nurse educator
b. Discuss your positive and negative learning experiences in your life (do not have to be only related to formal education) & how these experiences will influence who you are as an educator.
B. Challenges of Education (2 points)
o Discusses the challenges to educating students, nurses, patients and communities in today’s environment? (utilized at least 2 supportive evidence from the literature).
o Identifies one major future challenge in nursing education and explain how a nurse educators of tomorrow should be prepared to face this challenge? (utilize at least 4 scholarly references)
C. Personal Challenges (10 points)
o Discusses what the challenges writer feels he/she must address in his/her own personality, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses in becoming an effective teacher.
o Identify a minimum of 3 official learning theories from the literature (text and references) (must have at least 2 references other than your text & that are different than those you used for the prior section).
o Explain each of the learning theory/theories concepts and assumptions regarding how I/1,2
Required Content POs/SOs Faculty Feedback Student Grade students learn and ways to teach effectively.
o Discuss how you connect or agree/disagree with these concepts and assumptions & which ones support your teaching philosophy & teaching
o Create a one to two paragraph summary of your own teaching philosophy based on the theory/theories that you feel you base your teaching philosophy on. (This can be a combination of several theories).
o Discuss which of the concepts of these theories/philosophies are appropriate for novice learners and which are appropriate for more advanced learners.

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