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“Hexagon of Excellence”: Characteristics That Make the Performance of a Company Excellent in Terms of How They Approach Project Management

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Companies have come to the realization that project management best practices should be treated as intellectual property and that the quicker they capture the best practices, the quicker they can achieve some degree of excellence in project management

Unfortunately, the discovery and implementation of any new business process, such as best practices in project management, will be accompanied by obstacles that must be overcome.

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Strategic planning for excellence in project management needs to consider all aspects of the company: from the working relationship among employees and manager and between staff and management, to the roles of various players (especially the role of executive sponsors), to the company’s corporate structure and culture. Other aspects of project management must also be planned. Strategic planning is vital for every company’s health. Effective strategic planning can mean the difference between the long-term success and failure. Even career planning for individual project managers ultimately plays a part in a company’s excellence in project management or its mediocrity. Strategic planning is the process of formulating and implementing decisions about an organization’s future direction. This process is vital to every organization’s survival because it is the process by which the organization adapts to its ever-changing environment, and the process is applicable to all management levels and all types of organizations. The formulation process is the process of deciding where you want to go, what decisions must be made, and when they must be made in order to get there. It is the process of defining and understanding the business you are in and how to remain competitive within that business. The formulation process is performed at the top levels of the organization. Here, top management values provide the ultimate decision template for directing the course of the firm

The formulated Plan are translated into policies and procedures for achieving the grand decision. Implementation involves all levels of management in moving the organization toward its mission. Middle and lower-level managers spend most of their time on implementation activities. Effective implementation results in stated objectives, action plans, timetables, policies and procedures, and results in the organization moving efficiently toward fulfillment of its mission.As companies begin to mature in project management and reach some degree of excellence, they achieve a sustained competitive advantage. Achieving this edge might very well be the single most important strategic objective of the firm. Once the firm has this sustained competitive advantage, it will then begin to exploit it.

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The customer is the most important aspect of an organization because all activities that the firm conducts are geared toward the supply of goods or services to the customer. The internal customer is just as important as the external customer. The internal customer refers to individuals that are members of an organization who contribute to the final product that is offered to the customer. Since processes are what determine the end product, it is necessary to continually improve them. When set objects are met, new objectives should be set for great levels of quality. Organizations that practice quality management are strategic in that they aim to be in line with set organizational objectives (Hakes, 1991). Quality management also takes into consideration the future of the organization and activities of competitors. The organization is obsessed with meeting the quality standards that are required by the customers. In this way, the employees desire to do their best all the time. The focus on quality is not just for the short term but for the long run as well. In order for the entire organization to be one-minded in quality, all employees have to be trained and educated on quality management. The quality management process requires that there be adequate control from top management, although autonomy is encouraged. A scientific approach is used in setting targets, benchmarking and performance appraisal (Hakes, 1991). Kaoru Ishikawa was a pioneer in the subject of quality management. He emphasized on the quality management elements of customer focus and education of employees

His doctrine pointed to employee training as the basis for the commencement and maintenance of quality management in an organization. He came up with quality circles which enable employees to be involved in problem solving while increasing their ability to identify opportunities for growth (Hakes, 1991). The development of these elements made Kaoru Ishikawa successful because organizations have been able to increase revenue and deal with competition in the market.

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To sum up, person’s ability to negotiate is directly related to the overall success of project development and implementation. Thus, negotiations are effective in discussing project charters, status reports and detailed schedules. Helpful techniques for effective meetings are estimating the costs of meeting, extraordinary thinking about approaches to meetings, and extensive training

Innovative answers are often the result of spontaneity and chaos, but ordinary thinking misses this idea. Thus, you should give recognition to excellent progress.

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