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The Knowledge, Skills, And/Or Abilities You Possess That Will Enable You to Successfully Earn the DNP Degree

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You want the admissions team to remember you. You want to stand out. Try to incorporate a personal story that will make you memorable

The stories can usually be about anything you like: anything from a conversation with a mentor to a volunteer experience. Make the story interesting and use it to illustrate and emphasize your key points.

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Strong sense of direction – Clear rationale for why they want a grad degree – Specific goals for graduate study and career after grad school

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Courses affect nursing students’ perceptions about informatics (Jetté et al., 2010); and they may learn at the BSc level about patient-centered evidence-based care through the use of informatics tools, and get informed about benefits such as promotion of safety, quality and effective clinical decisions (Norton et al., 2006; Ainsley & Brown, 2009). The may even learn how remote care and personal phone can improve nursing care in different areas such as psychiatric nursing (Tseng et al., 2012; Goossen, 2007; Wittmann-Price, 2012).

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My desire to perform medical public service developed from concern and sympathy for people in need of medical care, most specifically those with the least access. I further recognize the importance such compassion plays in effective communication between doctors and their patients.

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