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Demonstration of Learning

A successful Demonstration of Learning does just what it says: it demonstrates what you have learned. What follows is an annotated example of a successful Demonstration of Learning, highlighting what it does to make it successful. Keep in mind these tips as well while you review and prepare to write your own. Remember to demonstrate what you have learned, not what you have done. Many students can initially fall into the trap of simply listing what their workplace experiences have been. Your job in writing a Demonstration of Learning is to explain not what you did, but what you learned by doing. This means that you need to reflect on your experiences and extrapolate the relevant learning that you acquired. You are, in effect, performing an analysis of your experiences and relating them to the course outcomes. Explain and illustrate. One of the most successful ways to accomplish your goals in this document is to first explain your understanding of the learning outcome, then illustrate how you gained that understanding through your experiences. You are in essence making this argument: “I have acquired learning commensurate with this outcome by doing A, B, and C,” wherein A, B, and C are your relevant workplace experiences. Use them as the evidence for your argument by carefully relating those experiences to the underlying concepts. Make your supporting documentation a feature. Your supporting documentation can be powerful in making a strong argument for your acquired learning, but only if you use it properly. Take the opportunity to provide in-depth analysis of the supporting document to demonstrate in clear, concrete terms how you learned while creating it.

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