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Lifestyle Modifications and Adherence to Prevent Heart Disease

Complete a thorough analysis and assessment of a patient safety problem in nursing. Identify the QSEN category that your problem is reflective of and why this problem needs to be solved. If the problem was observed during a clinical rotation, a few questions to address in the paper might be: 1) Specifically what was the situation? Give a detailed description. 2) Who were the people involved in the situation? 3) What do you believe was the underlying cause of the situation? 4) Was the behavior adaptive or maladaptive? In addition, what did you observe to validate this judgment? If the problem was observed, the use of first person when describing the problem is appropriate. If the problem was not observed, document a thorough analysis and assessment. Give as many details as possible so the reader is fully informed of the problem, the issues involved with the problem, and the implications to the profession of nursing. Identify the QSEN category that your patient safety issue is related to.

In this section of the paper identify your suggestions for improving the problem/issue. Be very specific in developing your interventions making sure to thoroughly respond to the: who, what, when and where of each intervention. Include rationale for each intervention. Devote at least one paragraph to each intervention.

How do you plan on determining problem/issue resolution? How will you know if your interventions are successful? Consider multiple ways of collecting data to determine success or a need to change the plan. If you expect to use a data collection form or other tool, include that information here and if possible, place a copy of the tool in an appendix. Summarize your findings or what changes you expect to see as a result of your proposed interventions.

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