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Pascal Wager Philosophy

This famous quote is delivering the message of God's existence. Whether you believe in God or not isn't relevant. The idea behind the passage is simple, live life noble as if God is always watching, but in the chance that God doesn't exist, what did you lose; nothing you are a noble person is that bad.
Should you live your police career as if you are consistently being watched and judged by the public, and if so, do you believe this behavior will result in a better police officer?

According to the authors of our assigned reading, a prominent Catholic university currently product conferences on successfully suing police officers. Do you think that the police departments in the New York City areas should start developing countermeasure workshops to avoid lawsuits? Why or why not, support your position.

Do you think the author exaggerated the overabundance of video cameras and its availability to record public servants such as police? Do you feel this will have a hindering effect on public servants' roles such as police?

What is your overall opinion of this notion, the author concludes that "Big Brother" is always watching? Do you think this Big Brother is always watching will affect hiring practices within our nation's police departments? Has this concept changed your opinion on a career with criminal justice in general?

The question raised throughout our reading is, " are police officers following the Noble Cause for ethical reasons or because they are following the Noble Cause because the threat of being video recorded exist? Or are police officers entirely noble out of their righteousness?
The assigned reading uses a famous author from the 17th century named Blaise Pascal coined on a famous passage titled "Pascal's Wager," which raises the argument from a philosophical standpoint.

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