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What Position Do Nytimes, Vulture, Buzzfeed, Vogue and Mirror Take on the Celebrity Stories They Are Telling and Circulating?

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America is in crisis, but the celebrities are thriving

They are beaming into our homes, reminding us to stay indoors and “stay positive,” as “we’re all in this together.” When I watch their selfie public service announcements, I find my attention drifting to the edges of the frame: to the understated wall molding visible behind Robert DeNiro’s shoulder; to the Craftsman beams on Priyanka Chopra’s balcony; to the equine wallpaper framing Zoë Kravitz’s crackling fireplace.

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Ben Smith spent eight years building BuzzFeed’s news operation into a place that could compete with the New York Times. Now he’s going to work for the New York Times. Smith, BuzzFeed News’ editor-in-chief, will become the Times’ new media columnist in March. That position was filled by the Times’s Jim Rutenberg for the past four years, but it is known in and outside of the paper as a platform created by the legendary David Carr, who died in 2015

It makes perfect sense that the Times would want to hire Smith, a politics and media junkie with deep interest in the connections between Washington, New York, and Silicon Valley. And Smith is one of several high-profile hires the Times has made from digital news operations. It’s a marked evolution from 2014, when the paper commissioned an internal report about how to compete with the likes of BuzzFeed and Vox. Back then, the Times was only a few years away from a recession that looked like it might mortally wound the paper, even as online upstarts picked up funding and buzz. Now, riding high on a business model that emphasizes subscriber revenue over advertising dollars, the Times is in a position to pick up talent from anywhere on the web and doesn’t think twice about it. And the Voxs, BuzzFeeds, and Vices of the world are figuring out how to survive as cheap and plentiful investor money has disappeared, while smaller operations like and Mashable have folded or sold at fire-sale prices. Smith’s departure from BuzzFeed immediately raised questions about the future of that organization’s well-regarded, money-losing news team, which he constructed himself. It also leaves BuzzFeed with two major hires to make: In addition to a successor to Smith, the company is still looking to hire a president to work under CEO Jonah Peretti as its top business executive. NBC’s Dylan Byers first reported Smith’s move.

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Ordinarilly, they appear on all kind of communication media from printed media: newspapers, magazines, to television and online media like internet. It can be said that we are living in the century of media innovation together with the development of celebrity culture. For many years ago, if some child was asked about his dream, it would be teacher, pilot, or lawyer however, today, most of the answers will be “to be famous”. It is just only one of many impact of celebrity culture on us or even our generation.

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