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How the Nursing Practice Has Changed Over Time and How This Evolution Has Changed the Scope of Practice and the Approach to Treating the Individual

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There should be evidence that the new skill or technique, as used by these practitioners, will promote access to quality healthcare

The base of evidence should include the best available clinical evidence, clinical expertise and research. Other forms of evidence include evolving concepts of disease/disability management, quality improvement and risk data, standards of care, infection control data, costeffectiveness analysis and benchmarking data. Available evidence should be presented in an easy-tounderstand format and in an objective and transparent manner.

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The nursing profession, at its core, has always been about caring for patients. However, it was once a female-dominated career in which nurses essentially served as assistants to male doctors, caring for and cleaning up after patients. They also had to look the part by wearing white dresses, white stockings, and white hats. Thankfully, things are a lot different today. Over the decades, nurses have evolved into highly specialized, well-respected members of the medical and health care teams. Many would even say that they are the true backbone of the healthcare industry. Take a look into how nursing has changed over the years and why it is now an exciting time to be a nurse! Nursing education is much more formal and comprehensive than it once was. There are a few educational pathways to becoming a nurse, including earning an associate degree, a bachelor's degree, or a master's degree – all of which provide an intense science and practical skills-based education. The education process nurses have to go through now is drastically different than it was 100 years ago when nurse training was more focused on etiquette and how to address doctors, and looking the part. In addition, nowaday nurses have to pass a national exam, which is a fairly recent requirement for becoming a licensed RN. Today, aspiring nurses must pass the NCLEX, which is administered by the The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). That organization wasn't founded until 1978

The exam itself has even evolved, as the NCSBN and became the first major organization to utilize a computerized adaptive testing (CAT) model in 1994. With a stronger education foundation, nurses have gradually taken on more patient responsibility, especially advanced practice nurses. Depending on the situation and what the state allows, nurses can sometimes administer medication, make diagnoses, and work autonomously. Many nurses who work under a doctor's supervision still have a great deal of input in helping the team choose the best treatment options. Like most professions, technology has reshaped the way nurses do their jobs today. In many ways technology has helped nurses become more accurate, efficient, and also helps alleviate some of the physical demands. For example, patient records are almost completely digital today, not only allowing for less paperwork, but helping prevent human error on charts. With patient histories available in a digital file, it is easier for nurses to understand and assess a patient. Other technological advances include better monitoring devices, implantable devices for administering medication, mobile apps to look up any medical information on the go, and special beds and chairs so nurses don't have to do as much heavy lifting.

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The activity of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) is based on the range of the documents (including the code of ethics for nurses) developed by the American Nurses Association which are general for different types of the nursing services. However, ARN improved the general variant of the code with references to the peculiarities of the rehabilitation nurses practice. The advanced practice nurses should have a degree in nursing and be able to provide effective comprehensive assessments, diagnose the complex responses of individuals, and address the requirements of the members of the patients’ families (ARN, 2012). “They synthesize complex data to formulate decisions and plans that optimize health, promote wellness, manage illness, prevent complications and secondary disabilities, maximize function, and minimize disabilities” (ARN, 2012). The advanced practice nurses’ activity includes the combination of the knowledge, research, consultation, and practice. The nursing assistive personnel should provide the effective support of the patients in their everyday activities, to control the peculiarities of the patients’ hygiene and nutrition (including the control over the patient’s following the dietary restrictions). Nevertheless, there is a range of the specialized tasks which should be realized by the nursing assistive personnel

They are required to provide the mobility assistance, to fix the changes in the patients’ “temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure and pain level” (ARN, 2012). The standards of the care also include the principles of the behavior management and monitoring the facts of the patients’ input and output.

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In any event, as indicated in the IOM report, the half a million new nurses entering the workforce before 2022 will be responsible for shaping the profession, including advancing in-demand specialties, such as home-health nursing and geriatric nursing, for the increase in “Baby Boomers” who are retiring in the next decade. In addition to new nursing specialties, nurses are also playing new roles in healthcare, The “Modern Nurse” section of Nursing Notes, outlines emerging nursing roles, such as developing simulation technology, flying into emergency situations or establishing a practice in a local libraryas part of a public health initiative.

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