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Bias Detection

News Bias Analysis
Find a piece of print news and analyze any biases you see on behalf of the journalist/author/org/network. Make sure that you’re finding a piece of “hard news,” an article that is not explicitly labeled as an “opinion” piece. It is ideal that you find this online in order to share it in Discussions, unless you're able to photo/scan/upload. This can be a newspaper or magazine article, newspaper or magazine front page, news blog, or news photos and captions. Please include a link to the piece or pieces if you find them online. Sometimes it's easier to spot bias when comparing two articles about the same topic. In your analysis, please answer the following questions:

1) In a few sentences, summarize the main idea/topic of the piece as objectively as you can.

2) Identify the type of bias. Remember that a bias is a prejudice, so in what way do you see the author/journalist leaning? (ex: is the image show bias against an individual, a group, a cause, or in favor of an individual, group, or cause?).

3) In order to prove your claim regarding the bias (prejudice) that you see, you should discuss at least two methods you see being used to create this bias. These methods/techniques are listed on the handout, “How to Detect Bias in the News,” ie: bias by omission, etc.

I recommend printing/reading this over again before you start this assignment. Also, please use direct quotes or reference details from the news piece/image to prove your points.

4) Who is the author and the news outlet? What can you find out about this source and how
this may have lent to their bias?

5) Who do you think the intended audience is? For what purpose or reason do you think this bias or prejudice was used? Are there broader social, political, or cultural consequences of such a bias?

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