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Happiness of Marriage

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Humans are in search of two things: love and happiness. Whether it is from kids or significant others, people strive to reach feelings of connection in fear of being alone. In Gilbert’s, “Does Fatherhood Make You Happy? ” and Crittenden’s, “About Love,” the authors question the roots of personal happiness

By comparing and contrasting Daniel Gilbert and Danielle Crittenden, it can be concluded that oneself does not solely determine happiness. The presence of children and significant others serve as major factors in emotional feelings of love and pride contributing to feelings of happiness.

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Happiness refers to the state of being contented, satisfied, joyful, delighted, well-being and being in good spirits

Considerable support has been found that people need some form of close relationship, coupled with a network of other relationships, to be happy and avoid loneliness. A close relationship allows for a certain level of self-disclosure, or willingness to share one’s feelings or personal issues. Without relationships, people would feel lonely in the other friendships, as there is a tendency to focus on impersonal talk. According to Ruesch et al., maintaining low marital distress and a real close social network play a crucial role in one`s happiness and life satisfaction . However, happiness is not just gained from the social support but from providing it as well. People tend to lose a sense of meaning of their lives when they are isolated socially. Loneliness creates a degree of depression in people. This research looks at happiness in relationships between couples, and the different factors that affect the happiness of dating or married people. There are expectations and underpinnings that if one has a steady partner or gets married, then they are automatically granted happiness. The notion of “living happily ever after” only exists in fairy tales as most romantic relationships have sad endings. For such unions, individuals will be happier if they find the right partner at the right time in their lives. Happiness comes from an underlying reason for the personal outlook on life, meaning that happiness comes more from an internal feeling. According a study carried out by the Michigan State University, marriage makes people happier. Happiness, in the study, was measured by survey responses and every respondent considered happiness in their terms, in terms of individual satisfaction with one`s life. This study looked at the married and cohabiting couples. The study found that people are happier married than they would have been if they chose to stay single, as marriage protects them from age-related declines in happiness. The study of over 30,000 people used a control group for comparison. The control group consisted of a sample of people who stayed single throughout the study and were similar to the married people in terms of their education, gender, age, and income. It is, however, incorrect to say all single people encounter a decline in happiness levels with time though the control group showed a decline in happiness levels. Conclusion Above are the major variables to happiness in relationships between couples, married or cohabiting. Given that a high number of romantic relationships fail at different points of its development, it is important for people intending to commit themselves in long-term relationships to find the right partner. Happiness can only be achieved when people commit themseilves in relationships for the right reasons.

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Regardless of how much partners may be engrossed in their personal jobs or activities, it is advisable for them to at least spare even a half a hour every day; time that is crucial for reflection into their journey as one family. In addition, such moments are crucial for discussing personal developments and dreams; hence, in many ways a promoter of peace in a marriage (Pantley, 2010, Para. 15-16). On the other hand, sparing of such times, in many ways is a mechanism of appreciating each other, for it is necessary for individual to appreciate their spouses’ presence in their lives. As concerns communications, it is also advisable for all spouses to speak straightforwardly on any concept, which they feel is pressing them or they feel their partners should know. One of the worst mistakes done by most couples is the engagement in mind games. Such a case occurs in most marriage scenarios where individual have in them fears that, if they say something offensive to their spouses likelihoods of strife are high. Although this might be the case, it is important for all individuals to note that, it is better for one to express such issues with good intentions, rather than keeping it to them, thus causing silent suffering; hence the need for their partners to listen (Anna, 2006, p.1). Adoption of correct resource management policies in a family has also a crucial role as far maintenance of health relationships in concerned; them being primary components, which make marriages

It is important for all individuals to note here that, resources encompass everything owned by a family ranging from the simple household equipments to money saved in private accounts. This is one of the primary points, which all couples should discuss even before they engage themselves in marriage. In most marriages, money is the backbone of all undertakings; hence, misuse or poor management can lead to a lot of strife among partners, more so when it comes to times of bankruptcy or low-economic times. Considering this, it therefore becomes necessary for all couples to ensure they lay family plans together, through family discussions; depending their personal and collective objectives (Quilliam, 2010, pp. 2-3)).

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To summarize, everyone should get married one day for many valid reasons. People need love, companionship, a family, and just basically to turn old and gray with. Individuals need a partner in life. It can be hard to find the right person to be with. The divorce rate these days is extremely high. That is something I am scared of, as well as many people out there. Overall, there is more benefit from being married if you think about it

Although a bad marriage can lead to serious cases of depression. An individual handles their life how they want to and are to some extent in control of how things affect them. Many different external factors in life can lead to happiness or depression among married couples. Depressive symptoms can range from gender differences, to races, and income levels, for instance. Personally, I know I would be able to handle my life in a positive manner with a good, fun-loving, respectable spouse. I would be much more happy and content if I were married and had a family, rather than living alone or with my parents forever, and being able to date numerous people. People really need to have a positive connection with another human being.

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