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Challenges of Preservice Teachers in Implementing Inclusive Literacy Instruction

Write a research paper on the Essay Topic: Challenges of Pre-Service Teachers in implementing inclusive literacy instruction. Use Peer-Reviewed/Professional Journals as Sources.

Introduction Paragraph:
◦ Use Data to explain the percentage of students with reading disabilities
◦ Include data to show students with disabilities included vs excluded in the school
◦ Explain what effective literacy instruction looks like and suggest that it should address additional social and cultural needs
◦ Emphasize why inclusion is important and why we need to make instruction more inclusive

Body Paragraph Topics:
◦ What does inclusive literacy look like?
◦ Strategies of Inclusive literacy practice
◦ Benefits of Inclusive literacy practice
◦ Challenges of Inclusive literacy practice
◦ How it could be difficult as a pre-service teacher to teach inclusively if your host teacher has different views

◦ Children with disabilities can be neglected by their families, schools, and society. Inclusive literacy education bridges the gap caused by neglect.

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