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Risk Assessment / Security and Safety Plan

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Risk management consorts with the assessment, detection and avoidance methods in order to minimize the adverse effects of risk on organizations. Risk management techniques compose of loss control, risk retention, risk avoidance and risk transfer. One project could potentially have numerous different risk management models throughout its lifecycle.

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To prevent bomb threats, the complex may monitor deliveries to stores because currently packages and boxes are not checked or controlled and random searches should be conducted. The complex could also prohibit certain activities such as large group gatherings and loitering. One must note that the complex is found very near to Paceville. Baystreet is a place where people meet before or after they frequent Paceville. Such people may also be under the influence of alcohol. So it is important that visitors are monitored and if such behavior is noted, security must ask for these people to leave the premises. Undercover officers should be also employed in prevention strategies on certain occasions such as holidays and weekends. It is important that there is some kind of communication plan so that every whereabouts of an individual may be reported during the disaster. Assembly and meeting points must be identified and must be away from the complex. Personal supplies such as medical, first aid and other equipment like flash lights must be available and maintained

Emergency responders must be contacted as soon as possible; they are trained to take the best course of action to save lives. People must be evacuated from dangerous areas.

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Hazards risk management, also known as hazard mitigation, is the process of reducing or eliminating future or long-term risks to the lives and/or property (Haddow, Bullock, & Coppola, 2011). The many hazards we face can either be natural in origin or manmade. Natural hazards include earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis, among others. Manmade hazards include everything from driving to nuclear meltdowns, but most of the hazards we face are associated with our work environment. Many organizations have developed processes, standards, rules, laws, or codes designed to reduce or eliminate the risk associated with hazards. No single process, etc

can identify every hazard we face; therefore, we must use many different methodologies for identifying and analyzing hazards in order to reduce, engineer out, or eliminate our risk. However, before we can effectively control the hazardous conditions or unsafe behaviors, we need to become familiar with their characteristics and develop steps to identify and analyze the risk associated with them (Oregon OSHA Public Education, 2005).

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Overall, employees will often accept these vulnerabilities as being someone else's job, or fail to recognize their importance. Making employees aware of the problem, and their individual responsibility, can often disclose security risks that might be otherwise overlooked

In addition, they may be a significant source of intelligence concerning an impending, or ongoing, threat. Good employee awareness and communication are the first steps in designing and implementing a risk-reduction program within an organization.

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