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How Do the Parties of Congress Use This Structure to Their Advantage?

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When the Framers created a bicameral legislature, they created a system of checks and balances within Congress by requiring a bill to be passed in both chambers

The structures, powers, and functions of the House of Representatives and the Senate are different, and these differences can affect the policymaking process: for example, by accelerating it or slowing it down, and by the extent to which bipartisan collaboration is or is not facilitated.

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Americans are known for their mobility, and over the years states have lost and gained population. After each federal census, which occurs every ten years, adjustments are made in the number of congressional districts. This process is known as reapportionment. In recent years, states in the West and Southwest have increased their representation in the House, while states in the Northeast and Midwest have lost seats. As a result of the 2000 census, for example, Arizona gained two representatives while New York lost two. Congressional district lines are usually drawn by the state legislatures (although the federal courts sometimes draw districts when the original plans lose a constitutional challenge). The Supreme Court ruled in 1964 that districts must have roughly the same number of people so that one person's vote in an election is worth the same as another's. This is known as the "one person, one vote" principle. Still, the majority party often tries to draw the boundaries to maximize the chances for its candidates to win elections. In 1812, Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts approved a bill creating such an oddly shaped district that his critics called it a "gerrymander" — a political amphibian with a malicious design. Gerrymandering now refers to the creating of any oddly shaped district designed to elect a representative of a particular political party or a particular ethnic group. In Shaw v. Reno (1993), the Court was extremely critical of oddly-shaped districts such as North Carolina's Twelfth Congressional District, and stated that such districts could be challenged if race was the main factor in their creation

A recent decision (2001) upheld the redrawn boundaries of the North Carolina district.

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Defining the key events in the U.S. history that predetermined the level, to which the government affects the U.S. citizens’ lives, as well as the powers vested into the Congress, the creation of the opposition to new taxes should be mentioned. Introduced into the U.S. economy under the slogan of “no taxation without representation” (Ginsberg et al. 31), the start of this movement did make a difference in the lives of present-day U.S. citizens. By creating the movement that would soon get out of hand and, therefore, convince the U.S. citizens that the Congress must execute control over the process of international and home trade, entrepreneurs have defined the power of Congress in terms of the aforementioned domains. It should be born in mind, though, that the concern for the unlimited power that the Congress has over the international trading process may hinder the development of modern SMEs and enterprises due to a comparatively high amount of restrictions imposed onto the owners of entrepreneurships. However, a shift from the traditional British values and especially the British reign over the economy and the trading process was yet to be dealt with. The economic independence and the principles of free trade, which later on would only be regulated by the American Congress and not the government of Great Britain, were the results of the event known as the Boston tea Party (Ginsberg et al


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All things considered, as a member of the Congress, I am involved in discussing with the local opinion-leaders through various channels such as phone calls and personal visits, reading local editorials, news programs and the mass media. Then, I analyze the information to understand the local needs as well as implications of the proposed or existing legislations. I also read and answer any question posed by the constituents. The aim is to provide responses to my constituents and keep them updated with the national and foreign issues affecting their nation

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