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Psychology of Health, Sport and Human Performance

Explain what psychological theories are:
What purpose do they serve?
How are they created / what knowledge are they based on?
How do we know whether a theory is a good one?
Why are there often several theories to explain the same concept (for example, motivation in sport)?
Summarize and explain one psychological theory from this semester’s lectures in a specific sport, health and human performance context
Introduce the theory and your chosen context
Explain the components of the psychological theory and link them to your context
Summarise research findings from a minimum of three studies that draw on the psychological theory.
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the theory in relation to the context you have chosen. This means, explain how well the theory allows to understand the problem or concept, and which aspect(s) of the problem cannot be properly understood with the theory. Is there another theory around the same problem / concept? Which theory is better in your opinion, and why?
Possible theories you could focus on include confidence, motivation, resilience or group dynamics

Theories of confidence: Sport confidence model, self­-efficacy
Theories of motivation: Self Determination Theory, Achievement Goal Theory
Theories of resilience: Resilience, grit, hardiness, mental toughness, coping
Theories of group dynamics and performance: Multi­dimensional model of cohesion and collective efficacy
Possible contexts you could focus on include:

Youth sport & continued participation
Competitive youth sport (could focus on one sport)
Physical education in schools
Exercise levels amongst adults
Competitive adult sport (could focus on one code)
Elite performance in music/arts
Lifestyle change amongst adults (e.g., diet, alcohol, cigarettes, etc).

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