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Decision Modeling

Background information

Your company “ABC” is planning a project to change the model of an existing business that is undergoing difficulties due to the COVID pandemic. Creativity is highly encouraged as you might be potentially re-inventing the business model to maintain sales, cover your fixed costs (payroll, pay suppliers, etc.) and increase your profitability. Due to the lockdown, your business has been severely affected as customers staying home and/or practicing social distancing.

You own and operate a small café that has been very popular among students as well as doctors since it operates near multiple hospitals and healthcare facilities. You offer a wide variety of coffees, pastries and sandwiches. Sales have dropped 50% since the COVID lockdown.
1. Executive Summary (3-4 pages, double-spaced, professionally-written)

Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts of decision making traps and cover key findings and recommendations. Your deliverable should deliver the following

• Introduction: outline the problem and its background as decided on by the client and the report analysts.
• Problem Statement: provide details and information about definitions and assumptions made in the analysis.
• Data and forecast
• Analysis: how the problem is solved along with the sensitivity analysis. Be concise. You have to use Excel in order to get the results.
• Break-even analysis
• Conclusions and Recommendations: explain to the board what the best alternatives are, the process to begin exploring those options, and the associated costs, profits, etc.
• References and appendix

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