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My Challenge Proposal


Your My Challenge activity will involve others in producing some real-world outcomes. The weekly assignments and classroom activities have helped you to choose what you want to do. This proposal will describe in detail what you intend to do.

Later in the term, you will prepare a final report on what parts of this proposal went as planned, which ones didn’t go quite so well, and what you learned from the experience.

Whether your challenge meets all the goals and details of the proposal does not affect your grade. What you learn from the experience is what is important. The proposal will guide you as you work through the challenge.


My Challenge - what will you be doing?

Organization - what organization will be the 'sponsor' for your challenge? what pathway are you using to reach your outcomes?

Planned Outcomes - will get done in the world because of your efforts? what are your goals? what sub-goals do you have to keep the challenge on track (weekly goals or benchmarks)?

Time Frame - when do you expect to reach each of your sub-goals and final goals?

Budget - do you need funding to achieve the challenge? will the challenge generate funds? how will you account for any funds generated or used?

Your Role - you are the first member of your team: what will you be doing for this activity?

Team Members - who is getting the work done?

Stakeholders Benefiting - who are the people who have some stake in the success of this project activity? who will benefit from what you've done?

Other Stakeholders - who else will be touched by this challenge, and how?

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