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Comparison Between Project Roles of Agile (Scrum Master) and Waterfall (Project Manager) Methodology

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In this fast-moving world, project management has become one of the most important pillars that are helping businesses run without any glitch in their processes. Whether it is team workflow management or timing, these tools help to ensure that everything is going well without any obstacles.

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The waterfall method is a traditional project management approach that uses sequential phases to define, build, test, and release project deliverables. Each phase is completed and approved before the team moves on to the next phase. The project can't move backwards to previous phases. Agile, on the other hand, is an umbrella term covering several newer project management approaches that use iterative work cycles called sprints

Each sprint uses 'mini-phases' to define, build, test, and release the project deliverables. You show the audience a visual comparing the two methods, which shows how the waterfall method is a sequential process while agile methods are iterative cycles from the beginning to the end of the project.

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According to Lee et al. agility is defined as “the continuous readiness of an entity to rapidly, inherently proactively or reactively, embrace change, through high-quality, simplistic, economical components and relationships with its environment [Gwanhoo L, Weidong X ].” Agility is the promptness in accepting a change or action. There are two dimensions

It can be accepting and adapting to changes or ability to re-engineer the existing process. Agile methodology is “a set of flexible techniques [Maruping LM, Venkatesh V].” It helps the software development team to sustain in a volatile environment. The teams are responsible for managing the software development process, resolving issues, making decisions and delegating tasks to other teams.

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In any event, both of these are usable and mature

The selection of a certain methodology depends on the particular project and the company that performs it. Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies are rather different and good in their respective way.

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