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The Changes of Law Enforcement and Security Measures Post 9/11

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Shortly after the September 11 tragedies, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights urged its State Advisory Committees to monitor possible civil rights violations in their states against Muslims, Sikhs, Arabs, and South Asians. The New York Advisory Committee submits this report, Civil Rights Implications of Post-September 11 Law Enforcement Practices in New York, as part of its responsibility to advise the Commission on civil rights issues within the state.

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Even as we pledge continued vigilance against those who target Americans, our nation can be justifiably proud of its response to these threats over the past decade. America is both stronger and safer than it was a decade ago. Ten years after 9/11, al-Qaeda and its affiliates, while still a serious threat, have a severely degraded capability to attack the homeland. As a result of offensive actions abroad and vigilant security measures at home, the U.S

government has reduced terrorists’ capabilities to perpetrate spectacular attacks on American soil. For its part, the department has improved its ability to identify, penetrate and dismantle terrorist plots as a result of a series of structural reforms; the development of new intelligence and law enforcement tools; and a new mindset that values information sharing and prevention, while vigorously protecting civil liberties and privacy interests. Working with partners in the intelligence community, the military and law enforcement, as well as with communities across America and counterparts around the world, the department has not rested -- and will never rest -- in its efforts to safeguard America.

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In short, DHS will work with and support the efforts of international partners like the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) that have been active in codifying and promulgating best practices related to terrorist use of UAS and other aspects of the intersection of technological developments with terrorism and targeted violence. Balancing safety, data privacy, and security in the aviation ecosystem is critical to ensuring the growth of these beneficial technologies.

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