Instructions How to Write

Writing a Personal Story About Food

Think about broad themes:

How has food been a gateway to new experiences for you? What kind of food experiences did you have when you moved to a new city or went out with your friends for the first time to a restaurant?
How is food connected to growing up, or to childhood? Who taught you to cook? Did you hate certain foods as a kid? Did you learn to appreciate new foods as an adult?
How is food connected to culture in your life? Is food connected to important people or celebrations? How is food a part of these experiences? Do these experiences make you feel part of a bigger family, community, or culture?
In the past, some of my favourite student stories in the past celebrated family or friendship through food. Some students have shared their "guilty pleasure" foods, or the first time they tasted something new and exotic to them. They have also told stories about foods they loved that their parents disapproved of, or ways they learned how to cook foods with their parents, grandparents, etc.

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