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The Future of Trans-national Crime

Part 1: In a minimum of 1000 words and not to exceed 1500 words answer the following:

Describe what you see as the future transnational crime and justice concerns for Europe
Chapter 14 of McMafia discusses the future of organized crime.
Discuss what he got right and what was missing, specifically concerning your assigned region.
Reflect on what happened historically and where the future is headed
You may want to consider the patterns and concepts discussed in the first three weeks of class. (Remember the videos as well.)
*I am not looking for speculation, I am looking for you to consider the transnational crime issues (which can include political, social, and economic) and relevant factors which encompass your region. Be sure to back it up with some kind of evidence or logic.

Cover the topics of : Money laundering, how sanctions breed crime, corruption and criminal networks, counterfeiting, traffiking, drugs, weapons, financial crime,

Name of the textbook needed, mcmafia: a journey through the global criminal underworld isbn 9788381105583

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