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Current Leadership Challenges

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One of the topics in organizational development today is leadership. Leadership is what individuals do to mobilize other people in organizations and communities. According to Kouzes & Posner, there are five practices and ten commitments of exemplary leadership. The five practices of exemplary leadership include: Model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart

In the Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner found similar patterns and actions of leadership that created the essentials to achieve success. Utilizing the research conducted by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, I have created a leadership plan that would apply to the Admission Department at Texas Wesleyan University.

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Everyone in their professional career usually starts their career from bottom and work to reach at top of the career ladder. During the course of professional career, individuals become proficient in work, gain respect from the whole management and eventually becomes a valued member of the organization. On getting promoted as a leader of that same team within which we have been working with so far certainly is an advantageous offering however coupled with several problems and challenges. However, being promoted within the same team is advantageous up to a certain extent as that individual would be aware about the policies and procedures and working environment as well as expected problems often encountered by the team, individual would also face several challenges while leading a team. The problems and challenges arise in a sense that when other employees who have been working for a longer duration than that of the individual being promoted and possess more experience might feel that they actually deserve the promotional hike

Also, problems arise owing to the assertiveness often expressed in meetings and words by the individual. Consequently, individuals being offered promotional hikes and promotional offerings entail to gain respect from the team and getting the things done without thinking that the power or authority has been moved to individual’s head. Additionally, several things are ought to consider to smoothen the transition process of promotion. Primarily individual has to stop beating head and applaud on promotion as dynamics of the team are changed to a large extent and individual have to embrace the changed circumstances. Another key initiative is to show explicit value and support and listening to other team members’ ideas to even the process of promotional transition.Several cases of bi-diversity are common in the Middle East with subject of leadership of women at workplace. Government is certainly putting in tremendous efforts towards recognition of women in the society and inclusiveness in different sectors of the economy. It is the key requirement of organizations to incorporate flexibility in corporate cultures in order to respect and consider individual needs. While comparing with the scenario in western countries, it is required in Arab countries to broach such issues within the cultural sensitivities and tradition and culture.

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Charismatic leaders have the ability to win many followers on their side. They create a strong emotional bond with their followers. On the other hand, unethical charismatic leaders can lead their followers towards pursuing and endeavoring in detrimental visions and goals. On this first case study, the characters of these leaders that make them cope with criticisms are outlined. The upper-echelon of leadership in an organization includes the chief executive office, the president, the board of directors and the executive managers. These top management executives create the policies of the organization and identify new opportunity in the market. They interact with the external factors and internal factors that affect the operation of the organization. These leaders face tough challenges as they conduct their duties. These challenges are enlisted in the second case study of the Board of Directors (BOD) and CEO’s.Charismatic is the ability of person to possess extraordinary power to attract other people. In this case, a leader can command a large following by virtue of being charismatic (Nahavandi, 2011, p. 215). A strong bond holds both charismatic leaders and their followers together. This bond created can cause them to participate in ill-mannered activities at worst the followers can commit suicide

Both ethical and unethical charismatic leaders have some common characters. They all have self-confidence and enthusiasm in their service. In addition, they use their oratory skills to present their message and drum support from their followers (Avolio & Gardner, 2005, p. 320). In addition, they are truly passionate about actions and use “catchy” words to draw support from people who join them in their vision. In the same breath, they create witty messages that they present to their followers to win them (Nahavandi, 2011, p. 255).

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In sum, it’s important to have an activity that gets you away from your daily concerns, and to take days off from time to time. Some people meditate every day, others play music regularly, others participate in sports or fitness activities. Your getaway doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but it should be something you love and look forward to, and it should be frequent and regular. It may be as simple as taking a walk with your kids for an hour every evening – whatever it is that relaxes your mind and feeds your soul. Rather than detracting from your effectiveness, your time off will increase it

Depending upon how you approach it, leadership can be a hard and lonely road, or an exciting and collaborative trip to a new place. The more, and more useful, strategies you can find to cope with its challenges, the better leader you’ll be.

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Avolio, B., & Gardner, L. G. (2005). Authentic leadership development. Getting to the root of positive forms of leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 16, 315-338.

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