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Behavior Modification Project on Tendencies to Control Everything.

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Behavior modification is the field of psychology that deals with analyzing and modifying behavior, it does this by identifying the relationships between environmental variables and the behavior of interest to determine why the behavior is used; the analyst then uses that information to develop a strategy of change by developing and implementing procedures that alter environmental events to influence behavior.

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One approach based on this idea is to get people to move slowly in the desired direction, such that they commit to a smaller act first. The idea is that it will be relatively easy to get people to engage in a small behavior after which their perceptions of this initial behavior will change their attitudes, making it more likely for them to engage in a more costly behavior later. The foot-in-the-door technique refers to a persuasion attempt in which we first get the target to accept a rather minor request, and then we ask for a larger request. Another approach based on the attitudes-follow-behavior idea, and which can be used by unscrupulous salespeople, is known as the low-ball technique. In this case, the salesperson promises the customer something desirable, such as a low price on a car, with the intention of getting the person to imagine himself or herself engaging in the desired behavior (in this case, purchasing the car). After the customer has committed to purchasing the car at a low price, the salesperson then indicates that he or she cannot actually sell the car at that price. In this case, people are more likely to buy the car at the higher price than they would have been if the car had first been offered at the higher price. Backing out on a commitment seems wrong and may threaten self-esteem, even if the commitment was obtained in an unethical way.

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Numerous studies conducted to investigate the relationship between cell phone use and the risk of brain tumors reveal no increased risk with increase in call duration in some incidences while some studies suggested slightly increase risk for certain types of brain tumors as a result of increased cell phone use (NCI, n d). This perceived cancer threat was the major factor that motivated to change my behavior. After acknowledging that excessive use of my cell phone was adversely implicating on my finances and may affect my long term health condition, I decided to undergo an eight week behavioral transformation process after which I would cut down my cell phone use by half. To ensure successful outcomes of the process, I sought information an advice from people who had a similar problem from where I acquired problem solving choices (FHI 2004). The people suggested the methods that they used to reduce the amount of time they spent on their cell phones which included the use of e mail and other social networks such as face book and myspace to interact with people rather than making phone calls.

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Ultimately, the sense of achievement obtained after successfully completing a goal cannot be expressed casually. It is important to set goals, have a clear vision and plan to achieve the goals. Any vision without actual action is negligent. Accomplishing a goal has several benefits, as achievement makes us realize the value of commitment as the mind is clearly focused. Decision making skills are improved as there is more freedom of thought

A major benefit of setting goals is that we learn from failure, and learning from failure is one of the best ways to achieve success.

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