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Terrorism and Media

There are arguments that hold media coverage to be an accelerator of terrorist recruitment and violent activity, while others view accuracy in media coverage of slights and injuries to aggrieved nationalist/group sensitivities as reducing the call for terror tactics responses by disempowered, or “victimized” groups.
Briefly, what role, if any, did media coverage of the terror group or incident play in the incident itself in each of your three cases – that is did the violent act originate in any way due to the media’s role in or coverage of the incident? If so, how? Among your three cases, compare the reporting of terrorism violence by the referenced media services. What patterns or themes did you notice? To what extent, if any, are the media services biased, or objective in their reporting on terrorism? How might this affect counterterrorism efforts in your view? If applicable, in what ways do you find right-wing terrorism covered compared with left-wing terrorism.

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