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Atomic Blonde Analysis

• Johnston A, Hart S, illustrator. 2012. The Coldest City [graphic novel]. Portland, OR: Oni Press, Inc.
• Leitch D, director. 2017. Atomic Blonde [motion picture]. United States: Focus Features.
• Leitch D, Ronaldsdóttir E. 2017. Feature Commentary. In: Leitch D, director. Atomic Blonde [DVD].
United States: Focus Features.

Identify and interpret a utility, value, problem, tension, contradiction, inconsistency or ambiguity in the depiction of loyalty with Atomic Blonde. The concept of “loyalty” can be broadly construed, and you can interpret this from an angle of your choice. For example, you may choose to write about loyalty to country, cause, ethics, a person(s), principle, authority, historical accuracy, ideals, character representation, or some other dimension. Make sure that you have developed a clear thesis for your position paper. Your audience for this paper has a college-level background, and readers are assumed to have seen Atomic Blonde; however, they cannot be assumed to have knowledge of film critique in general or done careful analysis of the film itself. Therefore, make sure that you have effectively introduced your readers to the key concepts which you discuss in your paper, while making your question or problem clear—your readers will NOT be familiar with the paper prompt. You must motivate them to care about your argument.

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