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Empathy in "Miss Brill" and "Hands"

Empathy is a literary device authors use for readers to connect with characters. This is particularly important for characters who may appear non traditional (such as an antihero), or who are flawed, or do not exhibit characteristics that society considers appropriate or acceptable.

How do Katherine Mansfield and Sherwood Anderson create empathy for Miss Brill and Wing Biddlebaum in "Miss Brill" and "Hands" respectively through their use of characterization?

Response Requirements:

1. Your post is a formal piece of writing and should be 4 paragraphs in length.
2. Establish the key elements of characterization and how they apply to each story in your introduction.
3. Give 3 to 5 quoted and cited examples from each story that you feel illustrate show empathy is created through the use of characterization in the two body paragraphs (one paragraph for each story).
4. In your conclusion paragraph, compare the similarities and differences in each story in terms of how empathy was created through characterization and end with a final thought on the topic.
Included a Works Cited page.

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