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Death Penalty

Reflect on why you think community views on the death penalty conflict, even when the data about non-deterrence is relatively clear and one's personal opinion on the death penalty can radically change once it becomes "personal" rather than an abstract concept. Has your opinion changed over time? Have the readings and video caused you to view the topic in any different way? What about the earlier topics of effective legal representation for poorer defendants, differences in race and death penalty, the role of religious leaders on the topic, and how community, culture, and upbringing caused the woman in the video to have a crisis when she actually had to participate in taking a life when before her jury service the topic seemed relatively straightforward?

**The essay should be 2 pages excluding cover page and double spaced. Citations are required only if you use another source's work.**

PAGE 24 & 25 of the Word document is actually PAGE 326 of the text. Also the Innocence Projects can to be found on PAGE 24 of the Word document.

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