Instructions How to Write

Product Strategy

Product strategy
The product itself (what is the product?)
Adjustments needed
Brand strategy
Issues affecting the service component of the product
Cost of Production (does not need to be an exhaustive list).
Types of costs (For the costs you list, you should discuss what types of costs you believe they are)
Substitutes or complements for the product
Promotion Strategy
Recommended promotional strategy
Promotional message
Types of activities
Potential cost
Links to resources that can be used for your write up (you are not limited to using only these resources)

Economics: Chapters 4, The Market Forces of Supply and Demand and 12, The Costs of Production

Marketing: Chapters 10, Product Concepts; 11, Developing and Managing Products; 16, Promotional Planning for Competitive Advantage; 17, Advertising and Public Relations; and 18, Sales Promotion and

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