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Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis Requirements: Prompt Interpersonal Communication
Find a famous speech that you can watch and reflect on YouTube and write a well-structured essay (min. 4 paragraphs, MLA style) answering the following questions:
● Who is the presenter of the speech?
● What is the speech about?
● What about the speaker made the speech so exceptional?
o What made the speech exceptional because of the speech’s content?
o What made the speech exceptional because of the way that the speaker delivered their
● How might you incorporate what you learned from that speaker to make it your own?
o In other words, which trait(s) of the speaker would you want to use in your style of speaking and how challenging would that be for you?
● If you could give feedback to the presenter (positive or negative), what would you want him/her to know?
o How could he/she improve to become a better speaker, OR what good qualities that he/she already demonstrates to have should he/she continue to do?
Resource Requirement:
Cite the speech that watched in a Works Cited Page Suggested Speeches:
● Maya Angelou – “1992 Commencement Address at Spelman College”
● Winston Churchill – “We Shall Never Surrender”
● Bill Clinton – “Election 2012: DNC Speech”
● Hillary Clinton – “Remarks to the Fourth Women's Conference in Beijing, China”
● Al Gore – “Averting the Climate Crisis”
● John F. Kennedy – “Inaugural Address ‘Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You’"
● Robert F. Kennedy – “Martin Luther King Junior’s Assassination Speech”
● Malcolm X – “A Black Man’s History”
● Richard Nixon – “Resignation Address”
● Barrack Obama – “2004 Keynote DNC Speech”
● Sarah Palin – “2008: Accepting the V.P. Nomination at the RNC”
● Ronald Reagan – “’Tear Down This Wall’ Address at the Berlin Wall”
● Sheryl Sandberg – “Ted Talk: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”
● Maysoon Zayid – “I Got 99 Problems – Palsy is Just One”
Essay Format Requirements:
● Introduction
o Thesis Statement
● Body
● Conclusion

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