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Business Ethics Cases

1. Sandy Chu is designing a new app and website that will match skilled tailors and seamstresses with clients who would like them to come to their houses to perform their services. She is deciding whether to treat the tailors and seamstresses that agree to work with her company as employees or independent contractors. Explain how the Free Market ethical perspective and Utilitarianism would guide her decision.

2. You are a law clerk for a trial court judge in San Francisco. She tells you that she is concerned about the rise in the "gig economy" because the existing law is not clear regarding how workers in the gig economy should be treated in relation to the company for which they perform services. She is anticipating a lot of lawsuits being filed and would like to be prepared. She asks you to write a memo that highlights the protections that employees are afforded that are not afforded to independent contractors. Identify and describe two federal laws that would be the initial focus of your research. Beyond protections for employees in federal law, what other legal issues raised by the gig economy would you tell the judge to be aware of?

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