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Can an Area That Traditionally Has Been a Periphery Area Become a Core Area and What Are Some of the Obstacles to This Transition?

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In 2010, Myanmar held its first elections since 1990, formally ending a 22-year military dictatorship. Although some small opposition parties participated, Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) boycotted the polls. Unsurprisingly, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) – backed by the Tatmadaw (Defence Services) and dominated by ex-military personnel – swept the board

Under the 2008 constitution, largely drafted by the military then approved through a stage-managed referendum, serving military officers also took a quarter of all parliamentary seats. Most observers dismissed the election as a rather irrelevant attempt to disguise continued military dictatorship: modest “liberalization” at best.

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In the last two to three decades, the world has experienced unprecedented economic growth in all spheres of economy. Despite such encouraging progress in the economy, the gap between the poor and rich people has widened. The rich are getting richer as the poor get poorer. Further, the world has moved to a more integrated and globalised economy where there is interrelatedness between nations of the world. Although such globalisation might ideally mean more prosperity for nations based on their increased accessibility and market interaction levels, it has instead acted to increase economic inequalities among societies and nations. In addition, at the global political stage, the powerful countries have amassed more power. Periphery countries are becoming less influential in the political and economic realms

While trying to explain the growing disparities in wealth and power in the global political economy, different scholars have advanced different theories. Of the many theories and approaches, Immanuel Wallerstein’s world-systems analysis has been credited for its detailed analysis of the functioning of the world economy. The theory incorporates different arguments from the existing knowledge in sociology, political science, and economics.This paper will analyse whether the world systems analysis has been able to explain successfully the wealth and power inequalities in the world. Further, it will discuss various criticisms that have been put forward against the approach.

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The flexibility of work is a comparatively complicated issue integrating the peripheral and core workforces that carry with them several consequences. The model of work flexibility is commonly used in many organizations, as it is healthy for the individual standards of living (CIPD, 2013). Flexible working tries to view the associations amid practical and statistical flexibility

In fact, the procedure involved in flexible working tries to elucidate on how an organization can concomitantly acquire flexibility. The situation of practical and statistical flexibility as realized by core and periphery model can generate additional advantages in corporate competitiveness. The peripheral workforces entail employees having casual occupation affiliation while core labor forces are linked to better engagement terms and regular working conditions ( Ltd, 2012). The two kinds of work flexibility that is core and periphery, spell out the implementation of the diverse labor market viewpoints.

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To sum up, globalization causes both generation of opportunities and challenges as exemplified by the theories put forward to unveil the dilemma of globalization. A part from the evident economic growth seen in globalized societies there is also political and social growth experienced by the countries in the globalization process. The opportunities accruing from the processes of globalization outmatch the challenges.

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