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Applying 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) in a Warehouse and How It Will Help the Warehouse Management Improve Efficiency

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5S concept is reference to a list of five Japanese words which transliterated and translate into English, start with the letter S and are the name of a methodology

The 5S methodology that including the Seiri (organization), Seiton (neatness), Seiso (cleaning), seiketsu (standardization) and shitsuke (discipline), is used as a platform for developing an integrated management system by the parallel use of total productive maintenance (TPM). The practice of 5S aims to embed the values of organization, neatness, cleaning, standardization and discipline into the workplace.

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Modern management in Toyota is not only the quality management system based on the ISO series standards, but pursuit to the continuous improvement, so this is the philosophy of the Total Quality Management, a revolution on modern quality control. In the process of implementation of the Total Quality Management on the operations of the assembly plant more and more popular is becoming the idea of what is called as 5S. The 5S methodology is the tool for helping the analysis of processes running on the assembly plant. The 5S is the science behind the creation and maintaining well organized, clean, high effective and high quality workplace

It results in a highly effective organization of the workplace, great reduction on work environment, an elimination of losses connected with failures and breaks, improvement of the quality and safety of work. The philosophy of the 5S has its roots in Japan, as described in the history of 5S. The 5S’s as they originated in history of 5S principles are as follows, with the Japanese word first, followed by the American translation of the word, Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize), Shitsuke (sustain). Phase one is Seiri (sorting, organization of the workplace, elimination of unnecessary materials) refers to the practice of sorting through all the tools, materials, etc., in the work area and keeping only essential items. This means going through all the tools and materials in the plant work areas and only keeping the items that are essential. All other tools and items are stored or discarded. This leads to fewer hazards and less clutter to interfere with productive work. The Americanized version of this is “Sorting.” Phase two is Seiton, a process that focuses on efficiency. The goal is to arrange tools, equipment, and parts so that they encourage work flow. Tools and equipment should be placed where they will be used, and the process should take place in an order that has maximum efficiency. This concept wasn’t easy to translate into an English term beginning with the letter S, but attempts have produced “straighten,” “set in order,” and “sort.” The concept that’s important is that tools and activities should be ordered so as to maximize the flow of work.

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The first stage in Lean Manufacturing is the identification of waste

In this stage, it is recognized wastes cannot be eliminated but they can be reduced. There will always be a more efficient method of production and running business. As a result of this, continuous improvement (Kaizen) is essential (Lean Manufacturing: Working more efficiently, par. 18). A value stream map (VSM) is used to identify processes that do not add value to the end product. The second stage is analyzing the waste and finding out its source. It involves finding where the waste originated. The third stage is developing a solution to reducing waste. Some of practices used to reduce waste are JIT, Kanban system, zero defects, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), and 5S principles (Duque and Cadavid 78). After eliminating the perceived waste, the process goes back to the first stage of seeking to identify waste.Productivity is enhanced by through the JIT system. It involves reducing order flow time, order lead time, and using pulling process to manage levels of production. The annual value that is channeled through customer-pull mechanism is analyzed (Duque and Cadavid 76). Communication is concentrated across the team than upwards towards the management. Frequencies of information updates are used to measure the use of information systems (Duque and Cadavid 76). The Lean System has been applied in the service sector such hospitals, and supply chains. Maslaton (16) identifies single piece flow, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, JIT, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and 5S as some of Lean System tools that are applicable in the pharmaceutical industry.

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As has been noted, in order to possiblyomit expenses for implementation of high-cost technology such as RFID, an idea for research isfor the shipyard to carry out a project in which stock keep units identifiers of the sub- parts of thecomponents could be applied for a particular yard number. An idea is that to be carried out onlyfor one project in order to initially identify the impact of this method. This should be carried outwith tight collaboration with the suppliers and with strict discipline of the warehouse employeeson gathering information and keeping track of all the parts of the test yard number.

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